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Taxi service at the Prague Airport

Since 1. 1. 2017 you will not find our cars AAA TAXI in front of the arrival terminals, but comfortable taxi service to which you have been accustomed to, will remain.

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Comfortable and reliable taxi service from Prague airport

We provide our cars AAA TAXI in a short time:

  • TERMINAL 2, PARKING P2 EXPRESS – Departures.

Our prices will no longer be affected by airport charges and will be significantly cheaper than before, while keeping the same komfort of cars and services:

  • order via mobile app or dispatching from 27,90 CZK per km

The prices below, which are set by the drivers, are the maximum prices.

Information for passengers from/to airport

Ride from/to airport ordered through the dispatch centre or via the A A A radiotaxi s.r.o. applicatio.
Jednorázová nástupní sazba40 Kč
1 km po Praze27,90 Kč; 32,90 Kč; 35,90 Kč *
Sazba za 1 min. čekání6 Kč

When ordered right away, waiting rate starts to charge after 3 minutes from the arrival of the vehice.
When preordered, waiting rate starts to charge from the requested time of vehicle arrival.

* The application of a specific price per 1 km of ride from/to airport, according to the price list, depends on the conditions of the ride, such as in particular the time of the shortest possible vehicle delivery (depending on vehicle availability at the time of ordering), subsequently the ride length and traffic situation (traffic density). In case of customer’s interest, the dispatcher will inform the customer what specific price per 1 km will be used for the ordered taxi service.


How to order AAA Taxi from airport

Cars and services AAA Taxi

  • transport: ŠKODA Superb/Octavia (for 1-4 persons) or minibus VW Transporter (for 5-8 passengers)
  • cabs are equipped with terminals for payment cards
  • all taxi drivers speak at least one foreign language (especially English)
  • during transport in Prague we use fast BUS lanes

AAA TAXI: traveling from the airport to Prague City

  • AAA Taxi cars: available nonstop
  • choice of a larger car or minibus
  • cabs uses fast bus lanes
  • credit card payment

Information about transportation to the airport and main station

When ordering from/to the airport or to main train station, endter your destination address. Entering a destination address is very important and has an influence on the choice of car with the necessary priority to this type of rides.