Convenient transport from the Václav Havel Airport Prague

18. 7. 2017

Travel at discounted tariffs with AAA Taxi. We offer rate via mobile app CZK 21,90 CZK and rate via phone order CZK 24,90 CZK per km.

We will provide our cars AAA Taxi in a short time:

  • TERMINAL 1, Parking P1 EXPRESS,
  • TERMINAL 2, Parking P2 EXPRESS - Departures.

Our prices are favorable. You save 11 - 22% compared to prices of taxis from airport taxi ranks:

  • order via mobile app → 21,90 CZK/km,
  • order via dispatching → 24,90 CZK/km.

How to order taxi service

  • by phone +420 222 333 222,
  • via mobile app for Android and iOS.

Price list

Tariff number 6 –  with data aplication trough A A A radiotaxi Ltd.
Starting rate 25 CZK
1 km one-way in Prague 21,90 CZK
Waiting rate for 1 min. 4 CZK
Tariff number 2 – in cash (order by phone)
Starting rate 40 CZK
1 km one-way in Prague 24,90 CZK
Waiting rate for 1 min. 6 CZK

Information about prices of rides outside Prague

Minimum calculated prices for rides which take place at least partly outside Prague:

  • Ride to the Václav Havel Airport Prague: the minimum calculated price is 300 CZK (valid for travel on any Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, which will at least partially take place outside the territory of Prague).
  • Other rides outside Prague: the minimum calculated price is 250 CZK (valid for any ride, which will take place wholly or partly outside Prague, except for rides to the Václav Havel Airport Prague).

Maximum taxi fare rates in Prague

  • Boarding (Starting rate) → 40 CZK 
  • Driving → 28 CZK per km
  • Waiting rate → 6 CZK per minute
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