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Fast traveling in Prague: How to avoid traffic jams and save time and money

11. 4. 2016

Prague during rush hours getting to their limits bottlenecks. At this time, transportation by car often suffering than saving time. There is a solution in the form of the use of taxis. AAA Taxi take you quickly and must also serve as a mobile office.

Order and delivery taxicab

With a clever application of ordered AAA Taxi to five seconds, anytime and anywhere. After you place an order through the application of extra instant overview of arrival ordered a taxi. Due to the size of the fleet vehicle delivery times on average within five minutes. After entering the cab, you can use digital taximeter, which is part of the smartphone app that keeps an eye on your driving approximate price.

Fast traveling with the largest taxi

Yellow cars AAA Taxi can use the BUS lanes and thus significantly speed compared to other passenger cars. It is in the interest of the customer, who does not want to stand in queues and pay extra money for operating waiting.

Mobile office in taxi

The time constraints are often only need to move quickly, but also to solve business and private affairs. To meet this need, the cars AAA Taxi easily becomes a mobile alternative office. Mobile office has a wireless internet connection and you have the opportunity during the journey to solve their tasks. AAA Taxi has free Wi-Fi internet in each car.

Save time and money

Fare with AAA Taxi ride starts at CZK 16.90 per km. When calculating the cost per km journey by own car, including depreciation and parking, comes often higher amount than the customer spends using taxis. To this must be added the time savings associated with the shipment and finding a suitable place to park in Prague.

AAA Taxi and meets the requirements for a quick and affordable ride and represents the most flexible and fastest way to get around Prague.

The benefits of transportion with AAA Taxi

  • Quick order with the mobile app, compatible with Androidand iOS .
  • Downloading the smartphone app is very easy. When installing and using mobile applications are not entering data on your credit card. When you cancel an order, then do not pay any cancellation fee.
  • Fast taxicab delivery and pick-up, the possibility of using dedicated bus lanes when driving, speeding traffic.
  • Every cab has free Wi-Fi connection, you do not need to order business class.
  • Fare from CZK 16.90 per km, the approximate cost drive customers will advance (via the app, web or dispatching).