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Discount coupon - sale 30% back to airport

AAA Taxi discount coupon is usable for transport from City of Prague to the Václav Havel Airport. On the way back to Prague Airport with AAA Taxi, when the coupon is submitted to the driver, the client is transferred for the price of 19,90 CZK per km. Customer must notify the use of discount coupon in advance when ordering a taxi over AAA Taxi dispatching.

Discount coupons to transport back to the airport are valid till 31/12/2017.

Transportation back to the Václav Havel Airport Prague with discount coupon

Tariff number 4 – travel with discount coupon back to the airport
Starting rate 25 CZK
1 km one-way in Prague 19,90 CZK
Waiting rate for 1 min. 4 CZK
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