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The cheapest AAA Taxi: tariff 16,90 CZK per km

Not all contracting cabs A A A radiotaxi Ltd. offer the cheapest rate. Therefore, when ordering a car ask for the rate of CZK 16,90 per km or discount 40%. We will send you a car, which will transfer you withing Prague for CZK 16,90 per km.


  • discount is valid only for transportation within Prague
  • discount can not be used outside Prague
  • discount can not be used to transportation from Václav Havel Airport Prague.
  • discount can not be used to transportation back to Václav Havel Airport Prague (it can be used only transportation with discount coupon)

Traveling in Prague City with discount

Tariff number 6 – transportation with discount within Prague (password "the cheapest AAA Taxi")
Starting rate 40 CZK
1 km one-way in Prague (the customer will be informed about the rate in SMS) 16,90 CZK
Waiting rate for 1 min. 6 CZK
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