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Fast taxi lanes

With AAA TAXI vehicles, during your trips around Prague, you can use reserved lanes, which are shared only by cabs, public transport buses and sometimes bicycles. Enter your request when ordering a taxi via AAA TAXI control and you will be provided with a vehicle, which has permission granted by the Prague City Hall to use the fast taxi lanes. When using the fast taxi lanes during your trip with AAA TAXI vehicles, your journey time can be reduced to more than a half, as well as the cost. The taxi vehicle won´t be stuck in a traffic jam, and you will not be charged for unnecessary waiting time 4 to 6 CZK / min! Take a look at the map of fast taxi lanes in Prague and try this service, which is provided by AAA TAXI control exclusively in the whole Prague nonstop 24 hours a day.

StreetDst.DirectionFromToPositionLenght [m]
Sob�slavsk�Praha 3�elivsk�ho�rob�rovaVotick�right lane210
Ke Kr�iPraha 4to centerJiskrovaNad P��vozemleft lane110
Mod�ansk�Praha 4from centern�jezd na Barrandovsk� most (120 m p�ed)n�jezd na Barrandovsk� mostmiddle lane120
Spo�ilovsk�Praha 4to centerp�ipojen� ul. Na ChodovciJi�n� spojkaright lane80
Zďż˝lesďż˝Praha 4to centerNad lesnďż˝m divadlemSulickďż˝ (pďż˝ed zastďż˝vkou “Sulickďż˝”)right lane270
Du�kovaPraha 5to centerVrchlick�hoU Trojiceright lane400
KukulovaPraha 5Vypich�afr�neck� (60 m za)Podb�lohorsk�left lane340
N�dra�n�Praha 5to centerStrakonick�Na Zl�chov�left lane80
Ostrovsk�hoPraha 5to centerU Santo�kyNa Skalceright lane40
U Santo�kyPraha 5to centerBieblovaOstrovsk�horight lane150
Vrchlick�hoPraha 5to centerPr�chnerova (50 m za)Na Popelce (80 m p�ed)right lane170
Vrchlick�hoPraha 5to centerDon�tova (60 m p�ed)Don�tovaright lane60
Vrchlick�hoPraha 5to centerNa PopelceDon�tova (60 m p�ed)right lane150
Vrchlick�hoPraha 5to centerNa Popelce (80 m p�ed)Na Popelceright lane80
Argentinsk�Praha 7to centerJankovcovaPlyn�rn�right lane125
�imick�Praha 8to centerP�se�n�U D�tsk�ho domova (20 m p�ed)right lane350
Hor��teck�Praha 8to centerP�emy�lensk��imick� (150 m p�ed)right lane210
�eskobrodsk�Praha 9to centerHorn� Hrdlo�ezsk�Kon�vova (250 m p�ed)right lane550
Vyso�ansk�Praha 9Vyso�anyNa Jetelce (nad most� nad n�)Ke Kl��ovu (150 m p�ed)right lane240
B�locerkevsk�Praha 10bothVr�ovick�28. plukuright lane380
Bohdaleck�Praha 10to centerU plyn�rnyNad Vr�ovskou horouright lane320
Opatovsk�Praha 11to centerK�ejpsk�hoChilsk�right lane300
Opatovsk�Praha 11from centerK�ejpsk�hoBajkonursk� (�seky)right lane580
T�rkovaPraha 11to centerLitochlebsk� n�m.p�echod u ul. Na s�dceright lane180
Lhoteck�Praha 12to centerHasovaza zast�vkou �Hasova�right lane120