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AAA Taxi – discounts

AAA Taxi offers the possibility to use the cheapest rate with a discount of 22% compared to the maximum price of a personal taxi service set by the Prague City Councill. Ask for a taxi discount, where a kilometer ride will cost you 27,90 CZK/km.

Discounts – rides in Prague

You get a discount when you request the cheapest AAA Taxi when ordering a car by phone.
Just state the destination before ordering and the approximate price of the ride and the availability time of the car for the discount ride will be communicated to you by the dispatching center. The customer is also informed of the price rate by SMS.

How to order a car with discount

  • by phone via dispatching centre (ask for “cheapest AAA Taxi” or “taxi with 22% discount”)
  • a car will be delivered at a rate of 27,90 CZK/km
  • the discount is calculated from the maximum price per km of taxi ride set by the Prague City Council (36 CZK/km)


  • discount is valid only for transportation within Prague
  • discount can not be used outside Prague
  • discount can not be used to transportation from and to Václav Havel Airport Prague.
  • it is not possible to select the size and type of car (the nearest car ready to make such a ride is selected and delivered)

Traveling in Prague City with discount

The price below is set by the driver as a maximum price.

Price 1

– ride within Prague on discount

Starting rate40 Kč
1 km in Prague27,90 Kč
Waiting rate for 1 min.6 Kč